Cleber is a Brazilian photographer whose work on behalf of his clients has taken him across five continents over the past 24 years. As a young journalism school graduate, Cleber began working in his hometown of Sao Paulo as a photographer for small neighborhood quarterlies. His big break came during a bank robbery in Brazil where he was given exclusive access to capture the negotiations between the police and robbers. His photos were published in Brazil’s leading journal, O Estado de São Paulo, where he continued to work as a photojournalist for over ten years.

 Cleber’s work has also been published in Brazil’s leading lifestyle, automobile and business magazines. In 2005, Cleber moved to Paris where he continued to work with Brazilian press outlets across Europe.  While living in Paris, he worked for a leading French automobile magazine capturing studio stills and moving shots of the latest luxury automobiles in Europe. In 2010 he began working for Christie’s Paris bureau, http://www.christies.com, as a photographer and videographer. His work at Christie’s was recognized by several other auction houses, including Art Curial, who commissioned him to create images for their catalogues.
In 2009, Cleber returned to his photojournalism roots and produced two photojournalism projects, with his newly pregnant wife, in South Africa (2009 World Cup Preparations) and Kenya (UniquEco – The Flip Flop Project), which were published in several leading magazines and newspapers in Europe and Brazil.

His personal photography projects have been exposed in exhibitions in Brazil and France.

 Cleber currently resides in California.